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Tab Benoit / Blues Revue Cover Story

Tab Benoit is on the cover of the July/August Issue of Blues Revue Magazine – The home of the largest blues publications, Blues Revue is the world’s largest print publication devoted to Blues Music and the musicians that play the music.

In January, Medicine made something of a clean sweep at the Best of the Beat Awards presented by Offbeat Magazine, Louisiana’s music bible: It topped the Best Blues Album category while Benoit locked up Best Blues Artist and Songwriter of the Year honors. That carries a lot of weight in a part of the country so rife with music.

Just a few months later, Benoit again had to clear space on his mantelpiece. His swamp blues juggernaut struck gold at the 2012 Blues Music Awards in Memphis, nosing out the competition in the Contemporary Blues Album division. Benoit also walked away with the coveted Contemporary Blues Male Artist and B.B. King Entertainer of the Year awards. Following the excitement of the ceremony and a triumphant command performance at the Cook Convention Center, there could be no doubt: Benoit’s return to the seclusion of the Bayou had culminated in his most compelling album in years.

At those May honors, Benoit said, “The greatest thing about these awards is that the people who vote for them actually listen to us. Blues is a great community of people who love each other and love the music and that’s the only reason that it continues the way it does. It’s all about y’all.” — Vincent Abbate, Blues Revue, July, 2012

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